2019 Gathering

Big questions, brave community, faithful hope.

Join with a group of Episcopalians from across the United States as we wrestle with the complexity and potential of preparing people for ministry in the 21st century. As more and more Episcopal dioceses build local formation programs to serve the leadership needs of their faith communities, we’re all making a way out of no way — innovating, exploring, and meeting the pitfalls and exhilaration of charting unknown pathways. We invite you to join this community of practice, to share your wisdom and experience, and to learn from the experience and wisdom of others.

Three main questions will shape our time together:

  • Missional Practice: How do we form leaders locally who function missionally*?
  • Beloved Community:  How do we form leaders who have Beloved Community* as the ground of their theological imagination?
  • Sustainable Pedagogy: What technology and best practices can dioceses use to offer local formation sustainably?

Who is invited?

Anyone involved in the creation or leadership of a local formation program for lay, diaconal, or priestly leadership in the Episcopal Church, especially:

  • Instructors in local formation programs;
  • Diocesan leaders, especially bishops and Commission on Ministry members;
  • Representatives of seminaries engaged in this work and in the questions above;
  • Affiliate practitioners and leaders from related programs working on the questions above

Participants will prepare for our time together by sharing some of their opportunities and challenges beforehand. We’ll also offer an advance platform for participants to work together on travel, ridesharing, and more.

Registration does not require a payment.

We’d welcome your donation to help us defray the cost of gathering this community.

  • Instructors in local formation programs: Suggested donation $150. Instructor travel grants of up to $300 are available — more information coming soon.
  • Diocesan representatives and any other participants: $300 suggested donation

Sponsorship: Affiliate organizations and seminaries are welcome to sponsor this event. A $1000 gift would allow us to welcome a representative from your organization, put your logo on our website, and include your materials in our conference packet. Contact susan.d@episcopalmn.org to inquire.

Good news/bad news:

We’re at capacity for participation in this event.

Have questions? Want to get on the wait list if a spot opens up?

Reach out to Susan Daughtry, Episcopal Church in Minnesota Missioner for Formation: susan.d@episcopalmn.org.


Missional practice: Out of a deep belief that God has a mission and is already ahead of us, bringing that mission to life in our neighborhoods, missional practice means that we put discernment of and participation in God’s mission at the center of all a faith community might do. This is in contrast to establishment functioning, which seeks the preservation of a faith community’s identity and existence as its first priority. Find more here. 

Beloved Community: a transpartisan reality of holistic wellbeing and reconciliation across distance and division. Shalom. The kingdom of God. Find more here.