We’ll begin our time on Wednesday, May 29th at 3pm, with programming ending with an 8pm social time.

Thursday we will have programming from 8am to 7pm.

Friday, we will begin again at 8am and will celebrate the Eucharist together, and get our boxed lunches by 12pm.

These are the three questions that will animate our plenary conversations, with experienced leaders helping to frame our time together:

Missional Practice: How do we form leaders locally who function missionally?

Beloved Community:  How do we form leaders who have Beloved Community as the ground of their theological imagination?

Sustainable Pedagogy: What technology and best practices can dioceses use to offer local formation sustainably?

Additionally, as in our last gathering, we’ll have time for workshopping the opportunities and challenges you bring, sharing resources, and Open Space time for the issues with the most energy behind them.

Stay tuned! Updates will be posted as we have them.