In order to make the best use of our time together (and in honor of what many of us spend our time doing with others), some homework is required. Read on: it’s not too scary or cumbersome!

  • Check out the draft Covenant of Presence. What would you suggest adding, editing, or changing? We’ll have a few minutes to talk about changes before we agree to these norms at the beginning of the gathering.
  • Add your thoughts to the Assets and Frontiers surveys. We’re looking for your experience and reflections: What are the tools/concepts/resources that are most life-giving to your program? What are the thorny challenges, unmet needs, and questions that keep you up at night? Sharing these thoughts will help shape our conversation together. Read what others have written to get a sense of how others are navigating the unmapped — and maybe get some inspiration!
  • Prepare your case study.In some of our time together, we’ll work in small groups to do some creative thinking and theological reflection on the challenges before us. We’ll post a format for the case study and for your conversations about it here; post yours by May 15. It will help you arrive with maximum clarity about your own learning needs, and let others get to know your context ahead of time.
  • Travel and ridesharing. We’ll post a collaborative googledoc link here where you can seek travel partners, plan to share an Airbnb, coordinate your outfits, or any other advance communication that may be helpful.